Fotografía artística / Artistic Photograph FUKE

Post date: septiembre 23, 2020 | Category: Edicion

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Artistic works from FUKE

FUKE is Japanese artist. He makes the new type of digital art photography, using the digital technique and his painter’s mind to convey the gentle, tender or sometimes strong feelings. When you see something through FUKE’s images, you will be able to feel the most beautiful side of the scenes that you never felt before. He is looking for the unknown beauties in everyday life, and adds his individual feeling and emotion into his art of digital expressions. He is one of the most progressed pioneers in this art field of the color expression in photography. Adding the individual feelings to art photography is a very new thing. The art photography before him did not contain this color emotional expression. The color of the photography is not thought of as a subjective thing, it is thought of as an objective thing usually, still now. This is the reason why many people are amazed by FUKE’s photo art. It is often said that FUKE’s art is not photography, but painting. Maybe it is the real art photo beyond the ordinary. FUKE began this digital color expression in 2007. It is such like the way of making colors by Edvard Munch, Egon Schiele , Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet did. They did it in their paintings at the time when color revolution in painting arts had began in past century. They added strong emotions and feelings into their paintings and were often told that “it is not the painting! “ at the time. Well, they were not ordinary painters but the great artists. FUKE began to make his emotionally colored digital photos based on the history.

1PP1-6 Birthday cake flower-18  by FUKE